Relapse – The Double-Whammy

Things are going along well. You´re optimistic. You´re getting better.

Then crash – out of the blue, you´re suffering a relapse.

And sometimes you don´t know why. That´s the most sinister thing about it. Has it got such control over me it can strike me any time it wants, despite all my best efforts and well-planned defences?

So you start fearing fear itself. You feel sadder just because you seem to be vulnerable to sadness. It´s a double-whammy.

You´re in danger of getting caught in a vicious circle that can become a downward spiral leading you-know-where…

We have to break the vicious circle before it sets in. We have to tell ourselves, “This is only a temporary setback. It´s not my identity. Something has gone wrong; I don´t know what or why. But I am making progress. I will be better. I will be calm and happy – the way I have been before; the way most people seem to be…” 

It´s like progressing up a mountain face. You might slip and fall. But if you have safety ropes and you can grab hold of a rock, it won´t be fatal. Even after a fall, if you hold on, you´ll breathe a sigh of relief that you are still higher than you were before.

Progress is upward despite the setbacks.


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