My Shoulders Are Not Broad Enough…

From my upstairs study window I can see my neighbours looking after their child with special needs. My heart bleeds. I can only imagine what it´s like, day after day, practically and emotionally.

At least I could imagine –  if I let myself. But I can´t and I don´t. My shoulders just aren´t broad enough. It´s God´s broken world. He´s the only one with the strength, Atlas-like,  to carry it. I have to keep a distance if I´m going to survive.

There´s wisdom in the simple proverb: The heart knows it owns sadness, and no stranger can share its joy (14.10). We´ve got to know our limits. For our sanity, there has to be a certain detachment. When all´s said and done, the suffering in the world is not our responsibility. It´s God´s. He´s the only one who can fix it.

Yes, when we are well and strong enough we should take every opportunity to help people who are less fortunate than we are. I´m 100% for that. And so many people are amazing in their lives of devotion and service in difficult contexts.

But in the meantime, in the midst of all the brokenness, we need to keep grabbing all the pleasures we can, wherever we can. Suck life dry! And build up as much inner peace and contentment as we possibly can.

Preferably every day…

We need to guard our hearts and look after ourselves.


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