Berlin, Berlin

After a fretful night, one that I want to forget if I can, and a low,  toxic day as a result, I ended up in an Italian restaurant in Berlin, hoping that the Pizza and the Merlot would somehow work some magic.

I noticed that the station, the streets and the restaurant were filled with groups of  teenagers in low-level uniform, with their mentors. When I followed my natural curiosity and asked, I found out there was a big athletics cum music tournament in Berlin, something  that happens every four years.

As I watched the teenagers engaging with their ambience and with each other, somehow it did my heart good. It reminded me of myself on school hockey tour to Edinburgh all those years ago. Circle of life and all that… Yes you could see all the teenage angst – why am I overweight; do people think I´m boring; am I not talking/witty enough  etc.

But for most of them, they had no real reason to doubt life itself.

The unfettered optimism of youth…

How lovely it is.

Even on our darkest days, life has a way of reaffirming itself.


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